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**Matrix Intelligence Agency 2020 Field Operations**
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Author:  Ed Dames [ Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:08 am ]
Post subject:  **Matrix Intelligence Agency 2020 Field Operations**


Vincit omnia veritas

MIA Special Study: STARMAN - Umbrella codename for NHI/transtemporal/transdimensional entity research projects
Primary focus: ZARDOZ - 'Outside agency'-designated homo noeticus interaction site
Continuous developmental research at Matrix-designated target sites (interaction sites are subject to shifting, over time) - no anticipated project end date
(MIA Restricted)

Secondary focus: IMAGO - Preliminary fieldwork to determine if 'Sasquatch' has a typical mammalian/hominid thermal signature.
TRV project downloads suggest that veridical sightings/encounters are those of entities (possibly disguised) residing in another spacetime domain that are 'transported-shifted,' via extremely exotic technologies(?), for transitory terrestrial sojourns or u/i forays. Initial project goal: enigma penetration (see Advanced Projects)
Late Summer/Fall: Matrix designated Northern California wilderness contact/interaction 'drop zone' (proximate to Lassen Peak)
(MIA Proprietary)


Note: Absolutely no firearms permitted at or near day/night vigil outpost
Multi-spectra instrument package: high-power image stabilized optics, field camera, IR scope (no NOD intensifier)/high-power UV illuminator, high-power laser signalling device, high-power night illumination (11000 lumens)/acoustic amplifier/electric field, magnetic field, ionizing radiation detectors; Spot satellite tracking device will stay physically on observer's person at all times (10 minute position fix intervals, unless stationary).


[8207/4850] Bronze chest ... e31ef.html

Late Summer: Professional Technical Remote Viewing/RV Geofix Demonstration Project
(MIA Proprietary)


Project TIN MAN

[4749/3602] Charles Nungesser

CM (R~100 meters): N43 43 26/W71 13 6

Note: Even before Ingo Swan designated me as his protégé (during his visit to my New Mexico training office), this was the first target that he personally ever asked me to work

Summer 2021: 2008 MIA team expedition/site recon follow-on; pilot & navigator died in an emergency water landing (Ossipee Mountains)

Ironically (unconsciously?), a newly elected French president chose this vacation site (Lake Winnipesaukee), just a few miles away from the White Bird's final resting place: ... ers-in-nh/


Note: Target fix center-of-mass corrected 30 June 2020: N43 43 24/W71 13 10

Author:  Ed Dames [ Sat Mar 07, 2020 4:14 am ]
Post subject:  Operation GOLDENEYE

[6802/1130] Madeleine McCann
[2665/1333] Madeleine McCann's school
Note: Phoenix, Arizona FBI Field Office coordination


[4010/5921] Pearl Pinson


[5936/9773] Sierra LaMar


[6937/9696] Karlie Gusé


[8220/5956] Kyron Horman


Author:  Ed Dames [ Wed Jun 10, 2020 7:46 am ]
Post subject:  Operation DRAGOON (cognizant law enforcement coordination)

[0439/6682] Kyron Horman's murderer

[0610/0156] Karlie Gusé's murderer

[2174/4228] Liberty German's murderer ... ty-german/


[7480/8712] Person


[2224/3001] Patrick Carnes ... -off-ramp/


[9781/9483] Judith Casida


[0439/6682] Patrick Carnes' murderer

Note: Carnes and Casida's remains are co-located

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