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Decoding Motion in S! Ideogram
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Author:  FullCircle [ Sat Dec 15, 2007 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Decoding Motion in S! Ideogram

'Old School' question here please pertaining to Ed's original TRV Training Modules: Could you please define 'peak' as it pertains to decoding the motion of the S1 Ideaogram ? I realize the current training program has been refined, however I am interested in exactly how 'peak' was interperated in the 'old school' format. Any help would be very much appreciated.


Author:  FullCircle [ Sat Dec 15, 2007 8:33 pm ]
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That should read S1...sorry for thr typo.

Author:  Auki [ Sun Dec 16, 2007 12:43 am ]
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We now know that decoding ideograms is pointless. There are several ideogram types but focusing on that, especially while you’re producing them, will only sabotage your RV efforts and introduce AOL.

Author:  FullCircle [ Sun Dec 16, 2007 1:58 am ]
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Hi Auki,
Thanks for the reply. From what I understand, the decoding process just provides a little more initial target contact before proceeding to S2. I've never found it to be an AOL inducer or a process that leads to analysis while executing procedure. I'd be interested to hear more elaboration on the topic. I've always executed Ed's procedure from the initial training program with no problems whatsoever. However, I can speculate as to why the decoding process is not an absolute necessary procedure...It certainly is 'down on the totem pole' in terms of sex-appeal. In a nut-shell, it's more than likely such a small part of a general procedure by which we aquire information using this collection tool, I would tend to agree with it not being an absolute necessity. However, I do find it provides a little more target contact prior to executing S2. I'd be interested to hear some more elaboration on the aforementioned.



Author:  FullCircle [ Sun Dec 16, 2007 2:26 am ]
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After just now combing through the archives, I can certainly understand why the current training program has been formatted to it's present incarnation. The omission of Ideogram decoding for the most part is not that big a deal in the scheme of things. Thought I would include a quote from a very well-respected remote viewer (who better remains anonymous) : "We all start out in a formatted method or style, but hopefully we evolve to exceed the format and push on to a sort of clarity of the process".


Author:  FullCircle [ Sun Dec 16, 2007 2:30 am ]
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P.S. My Goodness...I've been promoted to an 'Experienced User' !...Thank-You !...At this rate I'll be on the tail of the Pro's in no time...Watch out Proviewer !....I might have your job by next !...Cheers !

All The Best

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