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My 'memory device' for the S2 sequence of senses
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Author:  DCH [ Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:19 am ]
Post subject:  My 'memory device' for the S2 sequence of senses

If any of you have difficulty remembering the sequence, you could do what I do. I do think/hope it'll be helpful.
To minimize thinking I use a movement down my head, a mini-movie in my mind, because I find it useful to me.
I visualize a cloud slowly descending toward the top of my head, finally touching it.

Now I concentrate on the feel (of the target) by sense of touch - write down textures (which spontaneously occur),

the cloud continues downward to my eyes (I shift to the visual sense) - write down colors,

it continues downward to my nose - write down smells,

it continues down to my mouth - write down tastes,

it then moves from front to back to my cheeks (how warm is the target?) - write down temperatures,

finally it continues back to my ears (the auditory sense) - write down sounds which spontaneously occur to you.

Notice how natural the flow is, going from one sense organ to the next nearest one. My mental movie or memory device is over now.

Go very quickly, but not quite as quickly as you can, down the list of senses.
Often it's more likely you will go too slowly rather than go too quickly IMHO.
With experience and practice you will discover your optimal speed.

After that of course you'll do dimensions, including motions and densities. Don't forget your AI when done.

Author:  Chartless [ Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 'memory device' for the S2 sequence of senses

Or, you could just print out a copy of the descriptor word list and keep it on the table as you work through stage 2. After a very few sessions the order becomes second nature. No distracting mental images required.

Author:  Ed Dames [ Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 'memory device' for the S2 sequence of senses

I'm very uncomfortable with the 'slow(ly)' part of the descending cloud analogy (which is akin to certain elements of the altered state inducing 'devices' that we and others employed, 'in the old days').

I have a much better idea:

Visualize Major Doom slowly descending upon, then hovering over, you. An electric cattle prod is in his left hand, and a horsewhip in his right -- he's standing so close that you can feel his warm, moist, disgusted, clenched-fist breath. You become aware that he is intensely observing your every Stage 2 reflex...he's poised...watching, waiting...for either that overly extended S2 cadence pause/hesitation -- or for the slightest signal that indicates to him that you've forgotten what to do next.

Thusly, so as not to inculcate potentially bad habits and/or introduce any defunct psychic protocol element among novice LearnRV practitioners, let's nip this thread in the bud.

No offence intended but, in the future, let's skip the fluffy cloud stuff. In our discipline, visualization is tantamount to a mind minefield.

Thanks, my friend.


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