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S2 Data entering too fast ?
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Author:  Ladyhawk [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  S2 Data entering too fast ?

RV is absolutely brilliant and I love practising it !
Can somebody help me with the following , please ?
When I reach S2 the data enters my mind very fast, faster than I can write. When this happens the data is correct, but isn't arriving in the right order (textures, colors ..).
I can give you a generalised example : " white, wet, heavy, 2 points, edgy, moving, square ... " And it all comes in at once, like a pool of data was dumped in my head.
When this happens the data matches with the picture, but the pace is so fast I never have time to write it all down.
If I then think too much "what was it now ? The part I didn't manage to write down fast enough ? " Then the AOLs start bugging me and they are very persistant. I dump them under the AOLs and usually get rid of them, but have difficult getting back to receiving the correct data like at the beginning of S2. When this happens I can't trust anything coming in after the AOLs.
I have done the 1st DVD 3 times. First time with the DVDs targets. The 2 other times I followed the DVD, but with blind targets my hubby found for me.
I also have done several blind practise targets alone, but the same problem keeps repeating.
I don't feel ready to move on to the 2nd DVD before I get this problem solved.
Could somebody more experienced give any advice, please ?
Thank you ! :D

Author:  kfa [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: S2 Data entering too fast ?

Hello, welcome aboard!

Yes, this is normal. As soon as the ideogram is produced, it starts to pour. Try to take control of it and stay in structure. It helps to closely watch several times the S2 chapter on the first DVD. Try to get into that clockwork rhythm as presented. This rhythm is there to inhibit the otherwise inevitable thinking and worrying, to help you outrun and always stay a noselength ahead of your "helpful" mind. If you can hold off a percept of a category before its turn, great, but if it bothers you in the slightest way, AOL it before giving it any thought. I'd say having identified this as a problem is not an obstacle to moving on to the second DVD, just be confident you can follow the script without needing to peek at instructions too much before adding further stages. After you've worked through the course, you'll do plenty of practice and address individual problem areas which remained.

Author:  Ladyhawk [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: S2 Data entering too fast ?

Thank you for your words of wisdom, Kfa ! :-)
I'm going to watch the DVD1 about S2 once again and then move on the the 2nd DVD.
Have a nice day !

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