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Clear Images of Descriptor Words
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Author:  CJChris [ Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Clear Images of Descriptor Words

Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I have a nagging S2 issue that needs resolving. When I'm running down the list of descriptors, there are occasions when I get a clear worded image of the words associated with a particular descriptor, i.e. "RED" for the color red, or "TRANSLUCENT" for something translucent. When that happens, I tend to put them under the descriptor columns, but should they actually go into the AOL column instead since they're clear images?
I tried placing them into AOL before (as AOL - word "red" etc), but it was kinda disruptive in terms of the flow and timing, so now I just place them into the descriptor columns.
Also, if the input's auditory (like hearing "fresh" or "ringing" for fresh smells or ringing sounds) I'll just list them under descriptors unless I hear a noun, then it goes into AOL. I haven't noticed any major differences in session outcome because of them, but I'd appreciate any inputs here. Thanks!

Author:  Brett Stuart [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Clear Images of Descriptor Words

Are you saying that while listing colors you get a visual image of the word red? If so, I would likely consider that data. Your unconscious mind is working out how to best send you data, and will improve with practice. However, as you mentioned, nouns are where most S2 traps originate. Ex. red car; obvious AOL.

Most all of my descriptors are "auditory," where the voice in my head essentially whispers me the words just ahead of my writing speed. Dimensions are the exception at times, when I get what I'd describe as a fuzzy black and white visual impression for something like tall, or angular. Just remember that clear images of persons, places, or things in S2 should always be considered AOL.

Author:  CJChris [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Clear Images of Descriptor Words

Exactly! I get a clear visual image of the word itself, and I tried pushing it to AOL before too, but that just disrupted the flow and gave me the nagging feeling that I was questioning my own input, that's why I place them now in the descriptor columns.
I get auditory data like the ones you mentioned too, and yes, I tend to be rather comfortable placing them in the descriptor side, unless once again its a noun, then its AOL. Now that sounds are mentioned, I do occasionally get an auditory input of the words "electronic beeps" when I'm at the sound column, and that one I tend to place in AOL, or place it down to "ringing" under descriptors, though to be honest, I can get rather confused at times since technically "electronic" isn't a noun, but beeping isn't in the word descriptor list supplied either. Same goes for "music" (versus voices), though that one usually winds up as AOL since music is a noun. I mention them since they do pop up from time to time, and it makes me wary of an incoming AOL drive...
I usually get a hard-to-describe "feeling" when it comes to dimensions, and when the geometry gets complicated (plus motion), that's when my S3[x], [A], [B] etc gets rather messy. I agree totally that clear images, persons, places are all AOL, even ideas up to S3 wind up in my AOL column as well.
Thanks for the insights and the confirmation on the word-visuals, its much appreciated! :D

Author:  Brett Stuart [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Clear Images of Descriptor Words

As a follow up, I do hope that all this "thinking" isn't going on during your session. It's obviously fine to evaluate your structure after the session has concluded, just make sure the analytical mind isn't intruding during stage 2.

Also, using phrases for the sound column is generally OK, just be cautious of any AOL's they might trigger (or stem from). Things like "Vroom Vroom," "Whooooosh" or "plop plop plop" can all be valid descriptors. The unconscious mind is attempting to give you data but is confined by your vocabulary, which is a good reason to constantly expand your personal lexicon. You just have to use your own judgement as to whether or not they stem from analytical overlay or the signal line, which comes with practice.

Author:  CJChris [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Clear Images of Descriptor Words

Agreed! Thinking during session is not conducive (to put it VERY politely!) to RV work, I'm paranoid about it by now.
Thanks for the headups on the lexicon, it'll definitely help in the next session!

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