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 Please Review DVD Course Disk 1 Target 2 homemade target 
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Post Please Review DVD Course Disk 1 Target 2 homemade target
This is my "do over" of the DVD Beginner Course Disk 1 Target 2 (a homemade practice target). I forgot to underline some of the Stage headings--ugh.

Tku for any comments.







Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:27 am
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Post Re: Please Review DVD Course Disk 1 Target 2 homemade target
Was this target reference photo prepared correctly? Where the TRNs written up in the margin and simply not visible in this posted photo? TRNs need to be written on the photo itself, preferably somewhere on the white border around the picture.

S1[site] - It's hard to diagnose problems with ideograms when I'm not there, in person. But it looks to me like you might be attempting to execute yours in the same location on the paper that you did when you were using the templates. Don't do that. They need to be produced spontaneously and almost explosively by your arm/wrist/hand, an autonomic response/movement to the unconscious signal line. When you begin S1, write your target reference numbers out just like you've done here. Then immediately produce an ideogram right next to the last digit you just wrote. When viewers do this correctly you can usually see a 'trail' leading from the last written TRN digit to the beginning of the ideogram. Don't take the time to move your hand all the way over to the right side of the paper like you did here. Do it the way I'm describing and your hand will have much more room to work with and the ideogram won't be cramped. S1 has to be performed correctly or else you will never have contact with the site.

Then perform two more S1 iterations in just the same way. So in your S1 I should see the TRNs (which at this point become stage one prompts without the brackets around them) written out three times with an ideogram next to each of them. Each ideogram should be produced fast, no longer than 1/2 a second.

Now here's the obligatory speech about probing for AI at the end of your stage 2.
S2 AI (Aesthetic Impact) probing: In most cases, you will be incorrect about how you think you are currently feeling about the target at the moment you begin to probe for AI at the end of Stage 2. The purpose of probing for AI is to search inside yourself to discover any emotional response to the target and then declare it to discharge it so that it will not corrupt your session. Therefore when it comes time to probe, write AI - (vocalizing or sub-vocalizing "AI break").. then wait a moment with your pen tip on the paper while searching inside to see what kind of emotional response you are having at that moment. It may take a few seconds for the correct emotion or emotion-label to bubble up into conscious awareness. At that point, complete your AI declaration by objectifying (writing down) the correct emotion and vocalizing/sub-vocalizing the word. "AI break indifferent", drop pen and wait for the emotion to dissipate before resuming. If you find that you are writing down the same AI response in S2[site] over many different sessions, you are not adequately/effectively probing for and discharging AI.

S2 descriptors - Make sure you use adjectival descriptors rather than nouns, which can lead to AOL. Example - acidic vs. acid And don't use airy as a dimension. Perhaps open or spacious would be better. Airy is a texture.

AOl declaration - Whenever you have anything enter your mind other than a word-idea that relates to whatever S2 category you are currently probing, make sure you label and declare it as AOL, analytical overlay. This usually happens as visuals that come from your analytical brain trying to put your data together to form something from your life experience that has a name and a meaning. "soft, yellow, long.. oh it must be a banana!" bamm! Instantly an image/idea of a banana pops in your head. Whenever these things pop into your head write AOL - banana (or whatever) and drop your pen for a second while letting that idea clear out of your head. You will vocalize this AOL declaration as "A O L break banana". It's a quick break from the session/signal line to dump your contaminating imagination. Like a coffee-break, but rather an AOL break. It's a similar type of break that you take when declaring AI.

I don't see a lot of AOL declaration in this session so make sure you are following the above instructions and staying focused on just what is entering your conscious awareness during session.

When exploring a key site aspect, make sure you explore it through S4 before taking a break.

I know that's a lot of info but I really want to help you understand these important fundamentals before you move on. All of this is on the DVDs but I'm reiterating it for you here at your beginning to stress importance. Always remember you can re-watch the lectures on the DVDs to gain more understanding. Believe me, you will miss a lot of things the first time you watch them.

Carry on!

Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:43 am
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