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 Open search & timeline tool 
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Post Re: Open search & timeline tool
Coming closer. . .

"Quake hits off Russia's Kuril Islands, prompts tsunami alert

Moscow (AFP) - A 7.2-magnitude quake hit off Russia's Kuril Islands on Wednesday, prompting local residents to seek higher ground due to a tsunami threat, authorities said.

The Russian emergencies ministry said the quake's epicentre was 210 kilometers (130 miles) southeast of Severo-Kurilsk, a town of around 2,500 people on the Kuril island of Paramushir.

Officials reported no casualties or damage but said residents of Severo-Kurilsk were taken to higher ground.

The emergencies ministry reported a small tsunami with a wave of about 50 centimetres (1.6 feet) high." ... 48075.html


Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:37 pm
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Post Re: Open search & timeline tool
Greetings Folks,

So this most recent Open Search did not seem to occur, or at least was unidentifiable. It's a shame because the session was very clear and the Major did some GeoFix work on it.

This was pretty clearly a tsunami or an inflow of water. There is a very slim chance it was a metaphor for the viral tsunami, but probably not; the tangibles were too down to earth.

Oh well, them's the breaks.

I will be starting another Open Search shortly.


Sat May 16, 2020 7:38 pm
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Post Re: Open search & timeline tool
[7014/5102]Open search

S3 freehand, ST, S6[Site] ... 688NhvCWMa ... 9iP1qP--PP ... 7sUJhBNSA-

The most important aspect of the site is a fast-moving long thing in a flat place which is likened to a beam. There is earth and land and mountain range-looking shapes here. The top of the land is like a snow bank. There is a wide-open area above. This place is a fortress. This “beam” injects itself and penetrates this fortress. There are enclosures and buildings in this place. I feel scared, surprised, and agitated. This “beam” breaks into these buildings so that they can be peered into and looked into. There is a sheet fault here and emanations all throughout the area.

[1] “Fortress” from [X]: This thing is incoming debris on land. It is necessary and associated with planetary. It has an emanation as it moves. It is planetary-wide and is like scoring a goal. I feel resigned and depressed. It is like the Big Bang. ... upNJot8r6H

[8] on the S6 drawing of [X]: This thing is a place with land which is collapsing and straining. It is likened to a strut (Defn: a rod or bar forming part of a framework and designed to resist compression) and is associated with geology. I feel scared and upset in this location. The area is open and is like a field. There is stress and shock in this land which is like a wave. There are people here who feel scared, nauseous, and shocked. ... Q-3vTx8w0i

The 2nd most important aspect of the site is a high thing in an open area, spiraling down below. It is energy which is likened to a space cloud which is over and above. It is like fishing. This is a type of engine which cooks. The spiraling below is like nettles and also like spikes. There are people below who feel excited, fascinated, and encouraged. This spiraling energy pours over something. It is magical and there is history here. I feel interested yet shocked at the center of it. It has a cascading emanation above which is likened to a funnel.

[2] “Like Fishing” from [A]: This thing is a scary mass crossing land in pieces. It flies off like falling apart and is associated with Centigrade and rising temperature. It is open above and the movement is wide and long. It is like a falling anchor and something seems to anchor in place here. ... YP2RRJ84zq

[3] “History” from [A]: This is a high thing with tiny particles emanating in all directions. There is movement far below and the area is wide and open. This is a new beginning. This is a principle which causes someone to forget the present and force a new path, begin again, start over, reprise (French for start over), and build anew. I feel intrigued and content. Someone here is or must start over with care. ... Fcn0T9lXmu

[6] “Magical” from [A]: Some thing moves down from a high wide opening. This is a thing associated with encounter which is like a scrape. Something is cut off by this movement and it is like being scalped. I feel wary and concerned. Something is razed and is associated with settle which is like lowering the boom. There are people below who feel excited, shocked, worried, confused, and angry. Something is scuttled and destroyed and part of the process is likened to a beam. ... qGM64-wtHk

[7] on the S3 [6] “Magical” drawing: This is a thing in a place and it is like a bouquet of flowers. There are earth elements here and it is like a dragon. There is fire and residue crossing over land emanating out of something like a pipe. It is scary and property is destroyed here. I feel shocked, nauseous, and afraid. There is something falling and crashing and land falls below the earth here. ... 8rs9mUzC_a

S6 Relationship diagram
[4] “Thing” from [X] vs. [5] “Thing” from [A]
Thing from [X] comes before Thing from [A]
Thing from [X] necessarily precedes Thing from [A]
Thing from [X] is need to bring forth Thing from [A]
Thing from [X] is like Step 1
Thing from [A] follows Thing from [X]
Thing from [A] is later than Thing from [X]
Thing from [A] is like Step 2
Thing from [A] is after, needs before part, and follows Thing from [X]
Both are needed and are almost co-occurring
Both are part of an overall process
Both are stuck together
Both are like sticks and flames (to a fire)

“Fortress” is a metaphor for something being penetrated. “Like fishing” appears to be a metaphor for casting a fishing line, which is another penetration theme. “History” seems to be implying that this will be significant and cause an area to have to start over from scratch. “Magical” and the [7] exploration are describing the way a landscape is scraped and burned.

I have confused hurricanes and volcanoes before: I draw the volcanic vent and interpret it as a hurricane spiral and eye. I may be doing that here as well. The big confusion here is that I’m not getting a lot of heat around the volcano shape; it’s airy and cool. However, I believe a hurricane would be far windier and wetter than my data. Also, EIs for the hurricane would be way more negative; some EIs here are related to being captivated rather than afraid.

Furthermore, these 2 aspects are intimately related, almost a cause-and-effect. I don’t believe the Matrix would have given me a coincidental 1-2 punch as the same Open Search. And so, in this case, I doubt an earthquake could cause a hurricane. Therefore, it’s most likely an earthquake followed by a volcanic situation.

There is a chance that the data ‘space cloud’, energy, ‘beam’, penetration, height, tiny particles, and cook are describing a solar storm, and that I’m interpreting the data incorrectly. Still, an earthquake can’t cause a solar storm, so it’s down the list of postulates.

P0 – Earthquake & volcano lava storm combination
P1 – Earthquake & firestorm combination
P2 – Earthquake & solar storm combination
Pz – Earthquake & hurricane combination

Timeline: May 30th to July 16th, 2020


Mon May 18, 2020 6:49 pm
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