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 Pick 2 - now in Canada 
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Post Pick 2 - now in Canada
The Ontario Lottery & Gaming corp now offers Pick 2 games as of this week. Top prize $99. Odds are 1 out of 100. Two draws each day.

Pick 2 info: ... ame=pick-2

Pick 2 Rules (pdf): ... _rules.pdf

Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:11 am
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Post Re: Pick 2 - now in Canada
Thanks for the heads up! I might give it a whirl.

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Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:35 am
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Post Re: Pick 2 - now in Canada
The word on the street here is that the Pick 2 is not all that popular yet by avid lottery players. Although the odds are way better, the top prize of $99 per draw is not tempting many people. And two games per day, some feel it is a strategy to either confuse or to lure people into playing more. But I assume these comments are made by people who plop down $30 a shot for a bunch of scratch tickets, and thus are basically contradicting themselves. I do know that the draw is done via a computer random number generator, and not actual spinning balls in a circular drum. I personally asked a few store owner friends if they have noticed any increase in payouts from people playing the new Pick 2. Assuming on my part... the odds are better (1 in a 100) so thus should be more winners. But responses were that there hasn't been any noticeable change, mostly due to the fact that most people are not playing it.

I hate to say this... but lingering in the back of my head I still wonder if the lotto games are rigged somehow. Yeah, I know the odds of winning the top games are very slim. But some games the pot keeps building up each week, with perhaps 30 million people playing them, and more people the following week as the pot builds. I think my wonderment comes from that assumption that corporations often feel the need to partake in some sort of corruption, at the upper levels. Shenanigans can be common in big corporations, but never the lottery corporations?

Like although I cannot really prove or explain this, I have sensed a difference in random numbers that a lottery terminal prints out for you if you opt for the lottery machine to chose the ticket numbers for you. 15 years ago those 'quick picks' would really appear random, but the last 5 years you often find it includes a few numbers in sequence, or all in the higher digits, etc. Absolutely I could be assuming too much or assuming in error. But I often wonder if the computer algorithms are pre-programmed to weed out numbers that are already chosen by people, to some degree that is. And perhaps the draw itself is slants towards a number set that hasn't been picked by anyone for that draw. Sounds silly, but I thought electronic voting fraud was a joke, at least until I woke up.

Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:56 am
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Post Re: Pick 2 - now in Canada
I stupidly thought Pick 2 were brand new to lotteries in Canada. A Jamaican friend told me about "Drop Pan" in Jamaica, a pick 2 type unofficial lottery started in the 1960s by a Chinese banker. I only heard this tonight.

Pick 2s... 36 numbers to choose from. Tickets were put in a pan, and once in the evening the Chinese banker would drop the pan, or such, and number is chosen. I assume the banker brought the concept from China. But there is more. Each number has a meaning, and residents has a list of the meanings. If they dreamed about such and such, they would check their list and pick that number for the Drop Pan lotto game. Amongst other methods.

Interesting due to the 'psychic' aspect of it, via association.


Chinese ‘Drop Pan’ fascinates Jamaicans, Trinidadians

September 30th, 2011

In Jamaica, interest has been renewed in the ‘ole-time’ favourite past time game ‘Drop Pan’. It’s more commonly played through a new and improved version – ‘Cash Pot’. Drop Pan originated in China. The Chinese brought the game to the Caribbean between the 1920s and 1930s. It is played with tickets numbered from 1 to 36, with each number being assigned one or more meanings.


As with other ‘imports’ to the island, the game has been ‘Jamaicanised’. The meanings associated with the figures in the game are now from Chinese and Afro-Jamaican origins. Where numbers are assigned to every part of the human body it’s considered to be Chinese in origin. On the other hand, interpretations such as parson, John crow, coolie and rum are evidently Jamaican in origin.


A ‘banker’ runs the game. Individuals wager different amounts in placing their bets on their chosen number(s). Originally, the tickets would be dropped into a pan and a winning ticket selected.

There are two draws per day, each play being referred to as a ‘pan’. A winning number is considered to be dead for the next two pans, which means it is not played for two consecutive draws once it has been played.

Drop Pan is a game of chance, where players choose their numbers by way of one of three methods, by dreams:

1. By ‘rake’ – an omen; something that foreshadows what is to come, like a vision.

2. By ‘dreams’ –
NB: Dreams and ‘rakes’ are thought to be very symbolic in the Jamaican culture. They are usually interpreted and translated in terms of the numbers and symbols in the game.

3. By ‘guessing’ – making a selection based on studying and ‘analysing’ the pattern of the game (how the numbers have been played over a period of time).

Here is a table of some of the Drop Pan meanings that have been collected:
MEANING In Jamaica

Numbers and Their Meanings

1. Ghost, milk, clothes, rice, anything white
2. Anus, sitting, bed, crab
3. Dead, duck, tongue
4. Egg, blood, wine, breast, sexual intercourse
5. Thief, dirt
6. Strong man, iron, running
7. Married woman, hog
8. Belly, belly woman, hole, bag, ring
9. Married man, cow, ol’ dead, brain
10. Small house, car, gaol, small boat, animal pen
11. Boy, dog
12. Head, common horse
13. Knife, cutlass, policeman, butcher, old man, fisherman
14. Mouth, undertaker, wild puss, doorway
15. Weak, rat, running coolie woman
16. oung gyal, grass, tree, bees, anything green
17. Chineyman, drop-pan player, gambling, brown man
18. Doctor, race-horse, tame puss
19. Silver, coolie man, hair, scale
20. Sick, bed, food, meat, naked
21. Whore, mule, bad
22. Nurse, white woman, pigeon, coffin, bird, queen
23. Black man, monkey
24. Fresh water, medicine
25. John crow, crowd, paper money
26. White man, king, Jesus
27. Fire, accident, gun, madman
28. Road, fowl, pasture, commons, graveyard
29. Parson, bull, ram, male of any species, right foot
30. Fish, flowers, rum, mud
31. Pulpit, kaki, wood, small rope
32. Gold, ****, ripe fruit, beggar
33. Big house, hospital
34. Gyal-baby, soldier
35. She-goat, ******, bible
36. Hong Kong, foreign country, old lady, donkey


Meanings in Trinidad are as follows:

Numbers Meanings Numbers Meanings

1. Centipede 19. Horse
2. Old lady 20. Dog
3. Peacock 21. Mouth
4. Dead man 22. Rat
5. Ground worm 23. Big house
6. Belly 24. Queen
7. Pig 25. Morocoy
8. Tiger 26. Fowl
9. Cattle 27. Little snake
10. Monkey 28. Red fish
11. Police, corbeau 29. Drunk man, drugs
12. King 30. House, cat
13. Crapaud 31. Parson wife
14. Money ear 32. Lo-lo
15. Sick woman 33. Spider
16. Jammet woman 34. Blin’ man
17. Pigeon 35. Big snake
18. Water boat 36. Donkey

There is an apparent difference in the meanings and their corresponding numbers in Jamaica and Trinidad.


The game Drop Pan has been illegal for a long time. The Gambling Law, which was amended in 1926, included the games Drop Pan and Peaka Pow by name as being illegal. Without the proper license, anyone caught selling numbers can be arrested and fined.

Despite its illegality, however, Drop Pan is still a very popular game in Jamaica, and another strong indicator of the diversity of the Jamaican culture. ... adians.htm

Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:37 am
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