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Author:  Ed Dames [ Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:08 am ]
Post subject:  Matrix Intelligence Agency Field Operations

Kidnapped child
Early 2019 - Las Vegas
(MIA sensitive)

[2009/6813] Pearl Pinson/location
January - Ridgecrest Blvd, Golden Gate NRA

[6382/2533] Sierra LaMar/location ... 76403.html
January - Pole Line Rd, Mt Madonna County Park

Operation DRAGOON
[0908/4195] Liberty German and Abigail Williams' murderer/location ... -isnt-cold

Operation DRAGOON
[1259/9064] Angie Housman's abductor/location ... ed/211488/
RV Geofix work completed 15 January - report to cognizant agencies in preparation

Operation DRAGOON
[8104/4338] Debbie Lynn Randall's murderer/location ... ld-murder/

MIA Special Study: STARMAN - Umbrella codename; NHI/transtemporal/transdimensional entity research projects
Primary focus: ZARDOZ - 'Outside agency'-designated homo noeticus interaction site
Continuous developmental research at target site -- no anticipated project end date
(MIA restricted)

Secondary focus: IMAGO - Preliminary fieldwork to determine if 'Sasquatch' has a typical mammalian/hominid thermal signature.
TRV project downloads suggest that some veridical sightings are those of entities residing in another domain that are 'transported-shifted,' via extremely 'exotic' technologies(?), for transitory terrestrial sojourns or u/i forays. Initial project goal: Enigma penetration (see Advanced Projects)
April/May 2019 - RV Geofix designated Northern California wilderness site (proximate to Lassen Peak)
Note: Absolutely no firearms permitted at or near research site
(MIA proprietary)

Project TIN MAN
2008 MIA team expedition follow-on, mid-2019; pilot & navigator died in an emergency water landing - Ossipee Mountains

Project GIN MILL
Crew remains and airplane location TBA; pilot and navigator escaped their ditched lagoon landing - not Gardner/Nikumaroro Island

Exact site location TBA

Author:  Ed Dames [ Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:48 am ]
Post subject: 

Hania Aguilar ... s/4718362/
(MIA sensitive) - terminated ... rities-say

Operation DRAGOON
Hania Aguilar's kidnapper
(MIA sensitive) - terminated ... rl-13.html

---------- Original Message ----------
From: director <>
Date: November 25, 2018 at 7:31 PM
Subject: Hania Aguilar


Subject: Unsolicited Information Report – Hania Aguilar

DOI: 25 November 2018

Chief McNeill,

I am the former operations and training officer for the (now defunct) U.S. Army/DIA/CIA STARGATE program. Our unit’s key operations included locating terrorists and terrorist-abducted hostages. I have also served as a strategic intelligence targeting officer at the OSD level (vs. threat BW/CW/directed energy and ‘exotic’ weapons) and hold the honor and distinction of serving as the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment’s first tactical electronic warfare officer. (The British actor Sir Ben Kingsley plays me in the film Suspect Zero – I have a cameo appearance as an FBI ‘remote viewing’ instructor). My erstwhile colleagues and I assisted James Moody, former FBI Deputy Assistant Director, on the ‘Unabomber’ case.

Proprietary methods and techniques were employed in the generation of the following information. There exists a high likelihood that the findings are accurate (refer to attached aerials/photos):

1. Hania is a homicide victim. Her body lies in the vicinity of N34˚nn’ nn.n”/W78˚nn’ nn.n” (34.nnnnn/-78.nnnnn).

2. The child’s kidnapper-murderer resides at, or in close proximity to 513 xx Street, Lumberton. This individual has had, and may still have, a close association with Lumberton Junior High School.

3. The individual in the case-related publicized video resides at, or in close proximity to, 513 xx Street, Lumberton.

In the event that you have questions regarding this correspondence, or require additional intelligence targeting/collection assistance, contact me at any time.

Please note: Under no circumstances will I accept reward money or any other form of gratuity in return for assistance on this case.


Major Edward A. Dames
U.S. Army (ret.)

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