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 I think I did it wrong 
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Post I think I did it wrong
I just got the Remote Viewing 4-DVD course today and I played it right away. I start on the first DVD. When I look at the first target 1 sample session, everything seems pretty normal. The guy puts his name date, and time on the paper and then he puts the target numbers and the ideogram and then he puts the textures, colors, freehand sketch and all that stuff like that. When the major assigns the numbers I do the same thing as the the guy was doing. I was drawing the ideogram, putting words in the stage two of the site, drew the freehand sketch all that stuff like that. When he showed me the picture, I got some stuff I wrote down right but not all of them. I wasn't really thinking much since i'm just a beginner at this so i'm thinking i'll learn better as I go further into the course.

Then, when target two comes, the narrator woman tells me to get template C. I do that so then I have an empty template A,B, and C. When I see the sample video for target two, the student has already completed both A and B papers and is already starting letter C. When he completes the C paper about the [X] site aspects, he is remote viewing what he has already remote viewed. When the major announces the target reference numbers, i'm like, "where on the template C paper do I put the target reference numbers?". It was not there. So, i'm assuming that I start out fresh and get 3 new papers, templates A,B, and C. When I complete the number two session, I get results that are similar to the ones from the first target. When he finally shows the picture, it is totally different than what I just put on the three papers. That is when I realize that whenever I start a session with a new target, it is a new target and each next session comes with more papers.

When I get to target three, I just could not do anything right. I had to do this thing where I do six papers and the sample guy has already completed the ones that were already introduced to me: A, B, and C. He starts working on D and then i'm like "hes already remote viewing what he just remote viewed. Why does he need to do this again but with one extra paper?". When the major assigns the target numbers, I was so confused about what to do in session, I guessed I rushed a little too quick. I must have taken me 3 minutes to complete it. When the major showed the picture, it was still totally different from all the other pictures I got wrong. I just remote viewed what I remote viewed the previous two sessions. It was only until I was typing this post in the forum that I realized that it should have taken me 25 minutes to complete.

Now, I am afraid to do the fourth session of the first DVD because I got totally confused about what exactly what I was supposed to do the first 3 session and now i'm afraid that if I do the fourth session I might get it wrong again. It takes 45 minutes for someone to complete the fourth session but with all the 9 papers involved, i'm like, "how is that sample guy doing all these things when I don't know whats going on? He is doing the entire session while everyone else is supposed to do one at a time with a new paper in each session".

After I failed at attempting to do all of the things that I saw in the first 3 sessions, I get the feeling that this program is more suited for people in the adult audience rather than for younger people like me even though I have heard that anyone of any age can learn this. I have not seen session 4 on the first DVD yet so i'm waiting for someone to give me an explaination for all of this.

Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:40 pm
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Post Re: I think I did it wrong
1. How old are you?
2. The guy doing the sample session is working on a sample. It has nothing to do with the training sessions on the DVD. It only shows you what comes next in the remote viewing structure. That's why he is doing only the new Template and not a complete new session!
3. For the fourth target you'll need all Templates: A, B, C, D, C, D, C, D, E
See here (Target 04 Session Templates for RV1):
4. For any new target you need to begin at the start (Templ. A). How many C- and D-Templates you need depends on the number of aspects you've drawn on the freehand sketch (Templ. B).

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Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:11 am
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Post Re: I think I did it wrong
I'd be glad to give you an 'explaination' (sic):

It would appear from your post that you neither comprehend the nature of what is at your disposal nor can follow the relatively simple instructions thereto.

Return the DVDs for a refund. You do not qualify (at least at this juncture in time) as a candidate to learn a skill as noble and powerful as RV. If you indeed desire to acquire RV as a skill, then come back when you grow up and/or achieve a higher education -- if you or I are still around...

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Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:02 am
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