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 Local Lottery Assistance and International Lottery Pooling 
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Post Local Lottery Assistance and International Lottery Pooling
Dear all,

I have been able to successfully and consecutively nail my s3 freehand sketches(I think Alex set the benchmark at being able to hit six targets in a row somewhere on this forum-note full targets not just their freehand sketches).

I believe my kinesthetic body sense and signal line recognition has improved significantly over the past 11-12 months of practice and now that I have reached that stage of proficiency, I feel confident in tackling the Lottery application of Remote Viewing (I am not a pro though , please do not see this as a sign of arrogance, it is just a firm belief in this skill,)

I have also seen my younger brother improve at his skill. His main strength presently lies in S4 data collection, although I'd like him to improve on his ability to sketch accurately (His next task is to master the Betty Edwards' book on sketching, I have asked him to upload a session he recently did on RVbot's bootcamp, he nailed it to the nail!).

I believe the lottery method as taught by Cherise and Mary Rivera is not a hit-and-miss method, but a concise one that just requires one to be a good remote viewer first. I also think, that beginning students shouldn't attempt to do the lottery DVD until they have fully mastered the protocol and structure (can take up to 1-2 years of practice) as it can be discouraging if you keep missing the lottery or at least it was for me.

I also read that --- have both been successful in utilizing their own customized methods to win the lottery. While I am hoping these techniques are shared with the students here, I believe that, for the moment, the easiest and most accessible method to me would be the Lottery DVD method. I think sometimes students here fear (and sometimes rightfully so) that by experimenting with protocol they will screw their structure up and hence minimize their chances of success in this skill. I think experimentation should be done but it is always best to check with the experts first and I firmly believe that they do not hold back on any information (barring proprietary techniques). I am however of the opinion that they will keep silent unless the correct and precise questions are asked (I've read all the pros posts and that is what seems most evident to me, feel free to think otherwise)

So with all that being said and done, my request for assistance is as follows:

1) The country I reside in holds a "Pick 4" lottery.

I have utilized the following cues in the past with little or no success as I think they do not accurately represent the nature in which the lottery works. Firstly, in the Texas Pick three lottery there is only one winning number, hence the cue:
Texas Pick-Three Lottery/Next/Winning Number/First digit would be apt in determining the number.

Whereas the local company has multiple prizes inclusive of starters and consolations so the qualifier "winning number" would just give me a random dispersion amongst the winning pool.

So, I then used country's name pick 4 Lottery/Next/First prize winning number/first digit- and it yielded better results initially, but after a while, It seemed to be a horrible case of hit and miss. I then read the local papers and found out that there were illegal betting rings utilizing almost exact replication of the pick 4 method, so it wouldn't be surprising that the matrix would be confused as there wasn't a definite country's name/pick 4 lottery as I had incorrectly assumed. The solution became clearer then, and I modified the cue further to include the company's name.

So at the present moment, the cue that would seem aptest to me would be:

Country's name pick 4 Lottery/Next/First Prize winning number/First digit

My million dollar question is: Is this cue okay? Is the capitalization okay? Is using the number "4" as opposed to writing it out as "Four" an error? (as done in the Texas pick three lottery, the only reason I put the number 4 as opposed to writing it out is because it is more accurate)

Please let me know what you think.

2) My second question is humbly directed to David or any other pro who has utilized a method different from Mary or Cherise to win the lottery. Please do share it with us here if you'd like to. Thank you

3) Lastly, I think that this local lottery is optimum for Remote Viewers as a practice/profit venture because if you know the first prize winning number and put $1 down, your return would be $3000 (note:local currency ). This is if you play "small" i.e. you can only win if your number falls within the first three prizes and you will not be eligible for the starters or consolations. If you decide to play big, you can win the consolations and starters should your number appear then but if you were to strike first prize, your payout would only be $1000.

Thats why I think its optimum! A 1:3000 wager is enormously tipped in a Remote viewers favour, provided he/she knows the answer.(I do not know what the system is in other countries, but if the odds are that good, what are you waiting for?!)

So if any of you are interested, please let me know. The preconditions are of course, that you include a healthy mix of targets and do not create attention ennui as Ed called it- Variety is the spice of life. I think navigating timezones may be complicated, but arrangements can still be made. Also, you have to know the Lottery DVD method like the back of your hand(you have to ensure the folders face exactly the correct way, or you risk making the same mistake Alex made in getting the numbers correct but in a misaligned sort of way) and finally, you should have sufficient experience with normal world targets already and be able to hit them already. It would also be helpful to read the entire lottery forum or the whole RV forum by itself.

Ok, phew. I hope that thats it. I hope to see y'all in Las Vegas at the next RV advanced(hybrid,etc) courses, because If I win the money, the first thing I'm spending it on is on a trip to learn RV for real :D

Thank you
Best regards

PS: If others have won it, so can we.

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Sat Dec 29, 2007 1:47 pm
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RV Professional

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It was an interesting trial for our first buy.

I watched the Lottery DVD again and did the following :

1)Remove all past worked sessions from the room
2)Switched off all fans and handphones,etc

NOTE: I am using the RV random number generator software.

And I utilized the cue:


(In exactly that form, capitalization included as that seems to be the case on the DVD)

My younger brother also executed the sessions with me, I went first and him next and he did not look at any of my sessions as I brought them with me when I exited the room. We would then check to see whether the [x] was indicated correctly, In most cases, there was a similarity or some proximity where we could narrow down the range to 2 or at best 1 number.

The following were our picks

1st Digit: 6
2nd Digit: In Between 2 or 7
3rd Digit: In Between 7 & 4
4th Digit: 7

1st Digit: In Between 4,5,6
2nd Digit: 1 or 2
3rd Digit: In between 3 or 4
4th Digit: NA(Not attempted)

The numbers we picked for the first prize after narrowing down the possibilities and analyzing the similarities and freehand sketches were :
6747 and 6247. I then went out and purchased the tickets.

The first prize number drawn was 2386.

Post Purchase analysis

There seems to be an error occurring somewhere, if anything RV should increase the odds and not make them worse or equal to chance (we did not get a single digit right). Also, there is no match with the previous draw as Cherise earlier pointed out that the matrix can be picky with numbers and their timing and may give earlier or later dates. The next draw is scheduled for Wednesday and I don't think that Wednesday's results would bleed in to today's sessions (Perhaps I can only know on Wednesday)

So what could possibly be going wrong?

1) Incorrect cue
2) Correct cue but wrong execution of skill
3) Bad Timing confuses the matrix
4) Other unknown variables

I think (1) would probably be most accurate, as I usually hit my freehand sketches and my younger brother's freehand are 60-70% accurate. For (3), I minimized the chance of this occurring by viewing 2-4 hours before the lottery was drawn leaving me just enough time to buy the tickets before the closing time 6 p.m and (4) I have absolutely no idea about.

So....basically any cue help/critique or otherwise would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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Sun Dec 30, 2007 12:26 pm
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I don't want to discourage you, but I've had a very hard time with this lottery method. I've verified my cue with others, triple-checked the protocols, and practiced practiced practiced. Best I've done is 2/3 correct numbers in the incorrect order (a couple tries in a row).

This method relies quite heavily on your ability to 'dowse' the correct number... I picture it as the same sort of feeling that you get that leads you to put your [ x ] on the right archetype to indicate the 'target'.

When I heard that the pros use OTHER methods to win the lottery, I became a bit discouraged with this method. I havn't completely given up, but I'm working hard in other areas of RV (S6?) to solve this sort of problem set.

Sun Dec 30, 2007 4:12 pm
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RV Professional

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Thanks RVRobot for the thoughtful reply. I'm giving this process another go until the financial DVD's come out :D

The BIGGEST motivating factor at the present moment for me would be that:

1) Other viewers have won it
2) I have another viewer(sibling) working with me on it

So, in terms of real world targets, we're able to do almost anything. Its the lack of analytical expertise that is a potential drawback that prevents us from venturing into optimum near-term investments or others of that sort.

So...I'm going to stick with it and I fully understand what you went through :D, it can be extremely frustrating.

BTW pros, please do let us eager students know if there are easier methods....

RVbot, In certain cultures, the numeric symbols have meaning i.e. a number "4" in the Chinese language is considered unlucky because it means death. I would imagine the matrix having an easier time providing an answer by viewing the meaning linked to the number as opposed to viewing the numeric symbol itself .The difficulty would lie in the cue construction and manipulation and it would be a long drawn process.

A friend here also once mentioned that in the Mayan culture certain numbers would be linked to certain events, and hence by viewing the event linked to the number, you would analytically be able to deduce the number. This would of course mean long drawn sessions and multiple follow-up prompts.

Nonetheless, it is food for thought.

I would be deeply appreciative if the pros could just let us in on the methods utilized as I fully and firmly believe it to be possible.

Sun Dec 30, 2007 4:35 pm
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Post Re: Local Lottery Assistance and International Lottery Pooling

Dean Radin has a research website that offers lots of psychic games free of charge. There is a hall of fame, and members can register and keep track of all their past scores. I noticed that oddly enough, people are scoring significantly lower on the lottery games portion of the website than any other games Dean is offering. :?:

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Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:45 pm
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Post Re: Local Lottery Assistance and International Lottery Pooling
Thanks for the GotPsi link. I've noticed I am best at the test that you have to make the card appear before you click it.

Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:29 pm
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