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 Paranormal activity activated in session? 
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Post Paranormal activity activated in session?
Recently, I had an experience that I decided to share on the forum to see if I could get any feedback from Major Dames, the Pros or anyone else, as to what they thought about this type of activity. I understand that the following activity could be tested in a blind fashion, but for the logistics and time involved in being in different location. Please let me know what you think.

This happened to me while I was recently on vacation. I was visiting my family in Florida.

On a visit with both my sister and my grandmother I told them that I was going to run a session in front of them so that they could see what I do and how I do it. I've told both of them about TRV while explaining that it didn't have anything to do with psychic ability or being in trance-like state. I also explained that I didn't have to meditate or concoct some special prayer. They both seemed interested and obliged to watch and remain silent.

I will preface this by saying that my sister, since having had what she describes as a "near-death" experience while giving birth to her first child, has been able to "see" or "sense" people or entities that aren't on our plane of reality/existence. She's been telling me for years about experiences she has had and entities that she has seen. Nothing wild, mind you, and as often explained by people with this ability, nothing to be afraid of, for the most part. She doesn't practice her ability, as she just experiences it when it happens. She actually doesn't tell anyone about it because she believes that people will think that she's crazy. She tells me because I'm fascinated by these experiences and she trusts me. I didn't even think about her ability when I proposed doing the session for them.

I picked a practice target from the forum and did a 3 aspect session while they sat there, silently watching. The practice target turned out to be a lone tree in a rolling field and there was very little to go by with my session. I think it was that I was having people there, watching, so I couldn't really focus.

Now, here's where it gets interesting.

After completing the session, I'm looking over and explaining my ST and the target, my sister says, "The lady in the red dress is very agitated because she says that you're wasting your time." It took me a minute of questioning to figure out where my sister was coming from, but my grandmother had stepped out of the room, so my sister explained.

My sister said that while I was doing my session in front of her, a lady, which she described as being dressed like a 1920's "flapper", wearing a red dress and shorter hair, had appeared and was almost yelling at her while standing behind me. My sister said that she was pacing behind me and she had on these "noisy shoes that clapped when she stepped". (linoleum floor in my grandmother's breakfast room). She said that the lady in red told her that I was wasting my time on "practicing" and that there were " 36 other people waiting for me", (I can only assume, to find them), but that she "was the first in line!" My sister then explained that, "these people were always with me", and that when I began the TRV session, she began to see them, along with the "lady in red". "The others", she said, were "standing outside", in my grandmother's backyard, just "waiting". She described seeing "about 50", men and women with all different looks and wearing different clothes from seemingly different periods. She mentioned a man in a suit and that there was also a little girl among these "people". I showed her a picture of a missing woman that I've been working on, but my sister said that she couldn't place her among the 36 people outside.

My sister also said that the pen I was using was important. She said that I "needed to get a special pen" for sessions. She said, "There's a lot of energy going into that pen", and I shouldn't be using something that I just "throw away", because I'm "throwing away a lot of energy".

I questioned my sister further for about 30 minutes about what she had "seen", but this was the general gist.

I then had the the idea to have my sister watch me run a session on a missing woman I've been trying to locate, (this missing woman has been shown by myself and others to be now deceased and remains hidden in a large cylindrical container).

While in session and while completing the S2[Site] stage, my sister speaks up and says that there is a large man with a mustache and a smaller woman that she sees at the Walgreen's where this missing woman was last seen. The "mustache is unique and he likes it", she says, "but he looks like a 70's porn actor". The missing woman wasn't friends with the couple, but they were local and the missing woman gave them a ride. My sister said that she could see the vehicle exit the Walgreen's parking lot in a specific direction. My sister said that the man was on drugs or this was drug related, (the missing woman had a drug addiction problem and was in and out of recovery). My sister said that the 3 individuals drove for about an hour, but at some point, stopped. She said that the missing woman was then raped by the man as his female accomplice watched, then she was stabbed and dropped into this container, still alive. A large heavy object was then dragged over the opening and the missing woman has since died. She said that the interior floor of the container was wet but not muddy and seemed hard like concrete. Current TRV sessions reveal that the missing woman is now deceased and her body still remains there.

I then had my sister sit down by herself and begin the S1[Site] of the same target, writing the TRN's and the ideograms. She couldn't go any farther than this, mind you, as she doesn't know the protocol. I then asked her to stop and go back and touch the ideograms lines with the pen in different places, to which she said that all she sensed was, "Help!".

Now, I love my sister to death, but I will say that she will sometimes misconstrue the truth when it helps her, but through the years, I've grilled her about these paranormal experiences that she says that she has had, and I lean towards believing that she actually has some intuitive or psychic ability.

Any thoughts? Or has anyone had a similar experience?

Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:36 pm
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