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Feedback Please. BStuart Beginner Practice Target 6584/3408
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Author:  Mariehl [ Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Feedback Please. BStuart Beginner Practice Target 6584/3408

This is a BStuart Beginner Practice Target 6584/3408, based on DVD Course Disk 2 Target 1 instructions.

Thank you for any feedback, comments, etc. Please note that I annotated my session work with some red check marks, circles and words--maybe I shouldn't have done that? Thanks very much for any offered help.












Author:  Mariehl [ Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback Please. BStuart Beginner Practice Target 6584/

Page 5 (S1, S2 and S3 of [A]) Did not display in my previous post. Here it is. Sorry for any inconvenience--I am new and still becoming accustomed to posting methodology.



Author:  Josephine [ Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback Please. BStuart Beginner Practice Target 6584/

Hi, Marie,

Here are a few pointers:

Declare your AIs like this: Say out loud: AI-(Then drop your pen, then say): peaceful. Write the slash in there too. AI separates the viewer's feelings/emotions from the target, or signal line. That is why it is declared, to get rid of it, and separate your feelings from the target, having your feelings influence the session. AI is declared at the bottom of each S2. You didn't declare an AI at the bottom of one of your S2s.

You annotated your ideogram. I don't know why. My question to you is, did you see that loop in the ideogram when you first produced it? Or, did you actually mark it after the session? If you did see it as 'incorrect', or 'wrong' when you produced it, then you are thinking while in session. That would lead to the possibility of creating AOL. I don't see any AOLs marked on your session until you are on your S1[X], well into your session. Anything of a completed picture, or a split second thought of a thing while you are working a target, is declared like this: AOL-cows. (for example) The AOL must be gotten rid of, so, you declare them out loud, in the same manner that you declare AIs: (say out loud) AOL-(drop pen,say out loud:) cows. Then, you resume the session work. And this brings me to all of your S4s: none of them have AOL in the heading. Your S4 headings always read:

S D AI EI T I AOL AOL/s And, as you are working through each part of your heading, in the S4, actually place your pen tip UNDER that heading, whether it be S, D, EI, etc. The one exception to this is the AOL part of the heading; you NEVER rest your pen under that column. This column is reserved for those flashes, those pictures in the head only. And they must be declared as such.

On pg. 4, your S4[X], silent would be a (S)ensory. Stick to the word descriptor list. Quiet is a choice on the list. I don't understand 'unassuming' under the (T) column of S4[X]. That is more of a feeling: yours, AI-(declare it) unassuming, or, it is someone else's: (EI).

When you assemble your ST from all of your S3s, you must place the S3s together without adding or deleting from them. You may not add the peak in the ST because it was not in the S3[B]. If you want to resize something, say from your S3[A], then you must resize the whole part of that S3[A]. Then the whole resized S3[A] can be added to your ST that way.

Good start. Add those other things into your sessions.

Author:  Dan Mann [ Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback Please. BStuart Beginner Practice Target 6584/

Welcome to the community Marie.

I would echo just about everything Josephine adds, and would add/ask this:

Where are you at in the DVD set or are you a beginner's workshop student?

Your structure is a bit polished for someone just starting out in the DVD set. i would add that you should be underlining the S D AI EI T I AOL AOL/S columns before heading into the perception listing.

I want every stage to have its own page. You write rather largely, and everything is too compact and scrunched on the page. So from now on, every stage gets its own page and when doing your stage one's I want you to spread out and use the space of the entire page.

Page 1:

- You missed the brackets on S2 [Site]

Page 2:

- Your archetypes are never more than a single fluid movement of the pen. The only exceptions are the angle and motion lines. Your [X] aspect on this page is not acceptable. If you had stopped after the first arch, that would have been just fine. The start and stop motion of the pen is not desirable in the Freehand sketch, and could be a large reason why your sit template wound up a bit convoluted and watered down(no pun intended).

Page 3:

- Please try to scan the pages first before 'grading' your session. It makes it a bit difficult to differentiate between what happened in session and what didn't.

This looks like a great jump start on Disk one and you're ready for Disk 2 if you have not started it. I have a few things for you to work on further once you get everything on its own page and make the corrections provided for you here. You have gotten a solid base put together from your workshop experience and have taken the instruction well.

Good job Marie and again, welcome to the community!

Author:  Mariehl [ Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback Please. BStuart Beginner Practice Target 6584/

Thank you for your comments and help, Josephine and DaingMaing. I really do appreciate the guidance.

Yes, I am a newbie and just beginning Disk 02 of the beginner DVD Course. I attended the last three workshops in Reno (Killshot and two beginner RV workshops).

Josephine, thanks for pointing out that I mistakenly put into my S.T. an aspect from my S3[Site} Freehand Sketch--guess I got confused for some reason and just added the peak at the very end of the session. I'll work on the other corrections, too.

DaingMaing, I will correct my depiction of archetypes in S3[Site] in compliance with your guidance, and I'll modify the size of my handwriting where necessary to better fit (especially in the S4 columns).

Thank you again.


Author:  Dan Mann [ Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Feedback Please. BStuart Beginner Practice Target 6584/

Mariehl wrote:
...and I'll modify the size of my handwriting where necessary to better fit (especially in the S4 columns).

I would encourage this on your stage fours however I truly want you to give every stage it's own page and stretch everything out over the entire page.

Everything having it's own page is the next step in the progression of the structure you have paid so much attention to get in the correct form. I encourage you to take the next step, Marie, and move on to DVD 2.

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